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Three Targets for Buyers
  Your Best Mortgage Loan
  Your Best Choice of Properties
  Your Best Dollar Value and Terms
All At No Cost To Qualified Buyers!

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#1.  For Your Best Mortgage, Mark Twain Performs...

  • Determines your eligibility for loans: Conventional, FHA, VA, Bond, etc.

  • Discusses with you the pros and cons of loan types, rates, points, etc.

  • Pre-qualifies you for a mortgage loan based upon your income and debt ratio.

  • Obtains a free credit report and advises you of solutions to any problems.

  • Reviews and explains different methods of financing you may use.

  • Closely estimates your net costs, based upon the type of mortgage loan chosen.

  • Suggests one or more potential lenders to obtain mortgage pre-approval.

  • Provides you with a list of documents commonly required by lenders.


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#2. For Your Best Choice, Mark Twain Performs...

  • Makes sure you have access to all available properties, no matter which brokers, sellers or builders have them on the market.

  • Prepares a search profile of the property you seek.

  • Publishes your search profile (without your contact information) in the MLS.

  • Searches repeatedly the entire database of the Multiple Listing Service.

  • Announces your search at MLS meetings for maximum exposure.

  • Scans various Internet sites, publications and listings for appropriate properties.

  • Compiles and provides you with current lists of potential properties.

  • Sets appointments to personally view and inspect properties you want to see.


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#3. For Your Best Value, Mark Twain Performs...

  • Investigates properties for value, taxes, zoning, construction, schools, etc.

  • Prepares an Offer to Purchase, with safeguards, for your choice of properties.

  • Presents your Offer to Purchase to the builder, seller or seller’s representative.

  • Negotiates until agreement either fails or succeeds on price and terms.

  • Updates you as to any changes in the market that may affect the purchase.

  • Advises you on securing a homeowner’s insurance policy.

  • Completes seller disclosures to protect your interests before and after sale.

  • Inventories land and improvements, including equipment, appliances, etc.

  • Handles follow-up and keeps you informed on closing procedures.

  • Oversees the ordering of appraisals, surveys, inspections, etc.

  • Works to maintain the timeline specified in the Sale and Purchase Agreement.

  • Anticipates problems that may impact the closing, and advises you of solutions.

  • Reviews the settlement statement with you prior to closing.

  • Accompanies you to the closing and represents your interests until closed.



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