Sellers Aim To Hit Three Targets

Image: On Target

1.  Your Best Marketing

2.  Your Best Sale  

3.  Your Best Closing

1. To Target Your Best Marketing, Rod Rawlings…

  • Helps you set a strategic price -- for best market value and buyer interest.

  • Advises you of potential enhancements that may increase market value.

  • Reviews with you contractual provisions and financing methods buyers use.

  • Closely estimates your net proceeds based on likely sales scenarios.

  • Completes owner disclosures to protect your interests before and after sale.

  • Inventories land and improvements to be sold, including appliances, etc.

  • Identifies features of your property to emphasize in marketing.

  • Assists you to arrange temporary financing, if necessary.


2. To Target Your Best Sale, Rod Rawlings...

  • Prepares marketing materials for your property.

  • Photographs and publishes your offering in the Multiple Listing Service.

  • Promotes your property at RealtorŪ meetings for exposure to other agents.

  • Updates you on any changes in the market that may affect your sale.

  • Issues marketing materials to neighbors in the surrounding area.

  • Installs a professional yard sign and "Take One" box of flyers.

  • Advertises daily until your property is sold.

  • Pre-qualifies prospective buyers.

  • Follows up with professionals who have shown your property.

  • Presents to you all offers, regardless of where originated.

  • Analyzes and negotiates each offer on your behalf.


3. To Target Your Best Closing, Rod Rawlings...

  • Posts "Contract Pending" sign, notifies Multiple Listing Service of the status.

  • Handles contract follow-up and keeps you informed on all procedures.

  • Oversees the conduct of appraisals, surveys, inspections, etc.

  • Works to maintain the timeline specified in the contract.

  • Anticipates problems and advises you of solutions regarding closing.

  • Reviews the settlement statement with you prior to closing.

  • Accompanies you to the closing and represents your interests until closed.

  • Delivers your check at closing.

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