Why Won't Your Home Sell?


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We are in a buyer's market, not a seller's market. If you're priced over the market, you are playing a one-sided game. The high price may make you feel good, but buyers will not play along. As time passes, most will ignore your home and put offers elsewhere. If a buyer wants your home anyway, the offer will reflect the value perceived rather than the inflated price you have asked. Overpricing turns away sincere buyers, helps your competition sell quicker and hurts your chances for a timely sale at a good price.
Marketing: Image: Home Marketing Are you achieving the exposure needed to let buyers know about your home? It's a competitive marketplace today in which too many homes are looking for too few buyers. It pays to get the word out widely, repetitively and consistently. If you are not doing it yourself, get help from a professional.

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It is your choice of when and how to pay for ignored repairs, unkempt lawns, pet odors, outdated kitchens and bathrooms. You can pay after the sale by leaving the problems to the buyer and walking away with less money. Or you can pay before putting up the For Sale sign, taking care of the items now, and likely enjoying a quicker closing at a higher price. For more information, see Top Home Improvements

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People will not buy what they cannot see. The more restrictions you impose as to when and how buyers may see your home, the longer you're delaying the day of sale. Accept a degree of sacrifice of your normal life, and make it as easy as possible for qualified buyers to view your home. Be extremely cautious about showing your home if alone.

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Unless there is duress or another compelling factor, a contract does not happen where one side wins and one side loses. If you negotiate with the idea that your buyer is an opponent to overcome, your "victory" results in no deal and no sale. If you must win on every point, or if you become emotionally involved with the dealings, consider having a professional represent your best interests. Remember, your priority is to sell.

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